celebrity status

I have met 2/3 of the school population at my summer placement, which means I have reached a new level of celebrity in my small town. I know it’s temporary and it’s not merited (and any pride I feel with regards to their kind regard is kind of squelched by the increase in lack of privacy at Walmart…I used to need a little self-pep-talk to buy certain things from a stranger. Now I have to buy those things in front of who knows how many little eyes who know me!).

It’s a neat position because I’m not new to the district and the ways of the district and the curriculum, but I’m new to the school. I am having a lot of flashbacks to my first year (minus the part where I was a newbie in every single way, not just in the getting to know people way that I am now). Of course there are a couple uncommunicated differences (how buses work, for instance) that distinguish my teaching post from this subbing, but overall I feel pretty good.

And I keep remembering that I get to do it again in four weeks with my kids–which means “summer” isn’t “over” yet–I can still prepare. I know that as things get a little harrier with planning and teaching different concepts (the first day is pretty standard, Hi, here are the rules, let’s do a quick-to-learn song/game, see ya) I might be less motivated, but I’m still in dream-stage. What could I do in my teaching that could streamline planning and maximize learning time? Beautiful.

Tomorrow is midnight madness in Ames. I am running it again this year…yesterday’s run was a big fail. I went 2 miles (if that) and felt so ill at that point that I walked home. Part of my problem was probably the heat and lack of hydration, but I hope to not repeat that again tomorrow.

Better sign off and get to the rest of this beautiful Friday evening! So nice out!

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