Daily Archives: July 17, 2012

Mmm, nah.

Whew. Today felt like a MONDAY. I didn’t drink both cups of coffee, so I was down for the count, I walked to school (a nice idea, minus the 99 degree highs forecast for today!) and just couldn’t get the energy level going…I’m thankful that what we have left is technically a “short week” (in that 4 days remain instead of 5…ha). Mondays don’t usually get me down too much, but today was particularly tiresome. Perhaps it was because of all the FUN I had this weekend. 

What made the weekend fun? I drove up to Ames for some girl time (a friend from afar came to see me for the third time in less than a month! And the other friend that was there I have seen 2 times in a week! Blessed am I!) before heading to D’s house. There I enjoyed lunch, made another French Silk Pie (#3 was the lightest and smoothest yet!), and waited nervously for Midnight Madness while I drank way too much water.

The race time was “cooler” than it had been during the day, but it was so humid and hot that it was not that noticeable for me. I was miserable. I found myself thinking several times (more often the farther I went) that I wasn’t really sure why I signed up for this and how I ever thought it was fun. I think, retrospectively, that I just needed a running buddy. All the folks in my little herd (and we passed each other a bit as we got spurts of energy or just too tired to go on) seemed to have a running buddy. Maybe they didn’t all have a buddy. I was SO tempted to start conversation with people “YOU CAN DO IT!” “YOU’RE DOING GREAT” like my podcast ‘friend’ Robert, but I was gasping for air enough without the additional talking.

Afterward I went home, ate aforementioned pie and chips for dinner (hmm…) and fell asleep fairly early. Then I headed back to I-town on Sunday for church and some lazy-day activity.

Highlights of the past week: going to a women’s seminar that ROCKED on Monday. Hearing the things kiddos say at school. Realizing that I have an immediate do-over for the start of school with my own students (always nice for fixing mistakes).

Here’s today’s top student comment from school:

Student: is your name Mrs. Ham?
me: no, It’s Miss Haman.
Student #2: Good-bye Mrs. Chicken.

I might have some trouble with those kiddos calling me Miss Chicken. Hope not.

As much as I crave sleeping in and normal summer days, I am kept rather amused by the things they say. 🙂