Daily Archives: July 18, 2012

grown up

I just checked my 5K results. They totally went with the time I saw on the clock when I finished the race, not the actual time it took me to run it (I started my watch when I crossed the start tape, even though the gun had gone off a minute before…1600 people, at least). DANG. But what really got me thinking was the results listing me as 11 years old.  Are you kidding? I thought, huh. I must have had an error in my registration. Then I noticed in the athlete list (Iowa Games, baby!) that I was listed under Female Open, not the under 13 Junior division. So I thought about how differently my life might have ended up if I had been running 5K races as an 11 year old. I might not be such an enthusiastic knitter (or sitter). I may have not taken piano lessons (instead, cross country). I might have been in better physical condition for tennis (hahaha…which we all know was spring cross country practice, though we didn’t run too much…). So on one hand, I ended up in 46th place (out of 91 junior women) and on the other hand, well, it was a bit worse than that…HA.

I also had the opposite of youth get me thinking. We have started a new early out system for professional collaboration/development/(insert acronym here). My “team” includes the other music people, who aren’t in school yet (actually, I’m on my own team, which made me smile just now)…so I tagged along to another meeting in which I was reminded that being a grown up is not always fair and not always fun. I brought a book to school today hoping to do a couple crafts during the hour of QT without kiddos…but meetings instead. 

Part of being a grown up is not complaining here about those meetings. I definitely want to, but I will hold back. I hope next week I can tag on to a possibly more relevant meeting or better yet, just work on my own stuff. Being a sub has interesting challenges, fo sho.


Ok. I better get out the guitar. In a classic “duh” moment, I assumed the song I am supposed to lead is the one we did two weeks ago. Oh no. Nope. Fohghettaboutit. It’s the old school song by the same name. So print that baby out again. Done and done. Possibly easier to lead it though, as the key is mucho in my range-o. The other song, well, it is extremely soprano or extremely baritone/bass in the chorus section, and I was wondering how to make my alto+ voice fit that. HA.