Daily Archives: July 25, 2012

If I were to make a list

Tonight was a night that I had my computer on while I baked a pie. I’d stop in my room and kill a few minutes between different stages, sometimes very tempted to narrate the progress of my pie as facebook stati. Status updates I might have written about the pie would include the following:

1. Blueberry pie is in the oven…nevermind it’s the hottest day of the week (well above 100 with the heat index)

2. This pie will be worth the bump in temperature observed by my thermostat.

3. I wonder if my pie can sit out on the counter instead of going in the fridge…

4. Do you think anyone will notice if a piece of pie is missing when I bring this pie to the potluck tomorrow? (this thought was IMMEDIATELY retracted from the status update mix, in case someone took notice because of my update)

5. Practicing the fruit of the spirit Self-Control as I resist eating the fruit pie in my kitchen tonight.

6. Question to the void: if the recipe says the pie will bubble after 25 minutes in the now-cooler oven, where be the bubbles at?

7. My connection group is probably going to like this pie a lot.

8. I wonder if I can leave this pie anonymously until someone says it’s good…except the part where I’m going to sneak a piece before I take it…


gotta take this phone call…