That’s three.

Yep, ran 5K #3 today. I really didn’t prepare for this one. I worked today (scandalous thought, right), didn’t really run at all the past 2 weeks since #2 (well, I did one 5:30 a.m. run, which was bleary eyed and hot) because of the heat and general exhaustion. I have procrastination tendencies, so I started feeling bad about the time off yesterday…too late to make any changes.

I don’t know why I don’t really care about training (until I wonder if someone thinks less of me for being young and able but essentially lazy). Maybe it’s my weak competitive nature (physically speaking anyway). Maybe it’s my weak brain, not willing to push limits. Maybe it’s because I’m inexperienced. I don’t know. All I know is that I see runners rocking 5Ks (seriously, 20 minute 5K? Whew!) and I feel like such a hack for feeling proud of not walking.

I did get to run with another person tonight, which was sweet. She said I pushed her and I definitely felt the same way (prolly would have walked through an intense side-ache halfway through, but decided to just keep going. it went away). There were no water stops…not that I’m the smartest/best water stop user on the course, but it was pretty hot between mile 2 and 3. Mile 1 went so fast for me…probably because I started out at a pretty gentle pace and then gradually picked it up as I caught up with the gal that I finished with. The last mile was tough.

This weekend is very open. It’s impact sunday at church, so we don’t have a service in the morning (we’re serving outwardly). I might head to Westwind and follow it up with a little guitar browsing. Tomorrow I think I’ll take advantage of the balloon festivities and county fair. I’ve got a pie to bake as well, as I promised my neighbors (it’s her 87th birthday, friends. I hope someone wants to make a pie for me if I get to be that old!). I’m looking forward to coffee. 🙂

I will close with the jubilee that I was correctly registered as an adult in the race tonight. My number was 46 (was that the place I got mistakenly in midnight madness as a “junior”?).


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