pop pop pop

Today I ventured in cake pops for the first time. I cannot take any credit for the inspiration or the motivation to make in impressive fashion 300 cake pops, but I learned a lot about them in the process. Let me encourage you, readers, to savor any and all cake balls that you eat, as they likely took about 2 hours of work plus some resting time to assemble each one (between mixing, baking, crumbling, stirring, rolling, dipping, and all that). It’s not cookie dough that whips up in 20 minutes. It’s aged. A 2-bite (rather than 1 bite) indulgence :).

Also on the docket today was working in my classroom (the one I have a contract for, not the temporary one)…but I passed on that. I’ve got to do it tomorrow, as this week promises to be NUTS at school (planning for the next sub, wrapping up my own loose ends) and with science camp and a full weekend ahead. Tomorrow, in true Annie fashion. Tomorrow, I love you.

Tonight, tired tired. Time for bed. šŸ™‚

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