Daily Archives: August 21, 2012

First Day #21

I calculated this morning that it was my 20th school year, but since I started one at our Year Round School in July, today actually marks my 21st “First Day” of School. It’s a milestone, indeed. I was shocked at the amount of exhaustion I felt when I hit lunchtime (and then after school), but I think it’s because the first day is all talking about rules, procedures, seating charts, etc. I planned a little music (sadly some duds compared to the incomparable Welcome, Welcome), but our shortened class time was really a tight squeeze for all the housekeeping.

Our class sizes are big. I won’t go into why they are big, but as sanctioned and above-board as it is, it’s a shame that our classes have 27-some students. Not all of them do, but the younger grades have 24ish. That’s a lot of little bodies to manage.

Tonight after school I took my knitting (a sock) and went to Starbucks for my birthday drink. The first time I left I got about 3 miles away from home before I remembered the postcard they sent was still on my dresser, but not being too pressed for time (a meeting at 6:30), I made the trip to retrieve it. I might not have done it if the card were not expiring this Thursday…but it is, so back I went. It was bliss to sit and knit and sip a very strong mocha. A very large, heavy on the espresso Mocha. I went on to the meeting where I wasn’t so tired as I had been at 4:00 and really enjoyed a dynamic group assembled for the purpose of coordinating the Perspectives course in Des Moines. I will post about that soon, I think.

Then it was home, by way of HyVee for lunch items and gas. I didn’t find fruit on sale, except unripened peaches, so I bought other things and spent SO MUCH on gas. I think I’ve avoided buying it for a while or something, so the price (and the amount I needed) was high. The discount I received (5 cents off) was helpful, but didn’t reflect much of a difference. It paid for almost 2 days of yogurt… 😦

I need to get to bed. I’m at 2 schools tomorrow and need to recover my voice.

Peace to you,