Monthly Archives: September 2012

the rundown

I’m going to bed early. In ten minutes. I’m going to write a quick post.

Year #3 is well underway–I’ve been back at it for 10 weeks now (4 at the Year Round, 1 on PD, 5 in my school). I don’t think I am experiencing the euphoria that was year #2. I need me a Kodaly Level II fix to get all inspired again. Actually, going to all these extra meetings and a workshop with John Feierabend this weekend make my head spin with the possible philosophies I could adopt in the meantime of developing my own. Dang.

I am loving my schedule this year. It’s early-to-early so I have the option of leaving before school is over instead of sticking it out to the bitter end and “coming late” (which was a struggle most mornings). I won’t pretend there haven’t been mornings that I wished I was on a late-to-late schedule this fall as I am more tired than I remember being the past two years, but I wonder if my increasing age and activity (woohoo community!) is a factor. More coffee seems to be the best motivator. Actually, more coffee is just plain smart.

I am in need of physical activity. I started 1 time per week zumba again. It’s really silly to do a class for one day a week (how can I expect to see any lasting change at that rate), but they don’t offer it more than that and I don’t feel like branching out. So the monthly membership is not justified. I should run again. Hard to get started knowing how much ground I’ve probably lost.

My knitting ventures are prepping for Christmas. I have hats on my mind, but so far the two I’ve started are not real high scorers for interest or aesthetics. I need a good, not vanilla, but not psycho lace pattern.

If I had a million dollars, besides charitable giving I would probably…that’s a dumb prompt. Tonight I can’t think of one.

I fail to cook oatmeal in the microwave according to their directions. It boils over every 10 seconds. SO annoying first thing in the morning. Must have a powerful microwave (augh augh augh, Tim Taylor style).

I have some management ideas for my classroom that seem to be working.


I have 4 quilts and 2 fleece blankets on my bed. Bring on fall weather. And winter, for that matter :).

TIme’s up! Good night!

toe touch

I went to Zumba for the first time in a LONG time…I want to say I went in April sometime, maybe even May, but it’s been running, walking, and NOTHING at all for a long time. I know that I need to do something (I’ve been feeling tired because of inactivity, I think), and went tonight to the intense class with that in mind, but not sure that I’ll be able to get up in the morning. There are (pretty sure) blisters on the tips of my toes from all of the moving around tonight. yikes.

What else? School is going well enough. I feel like it’s been 9 weeks instead of 3 (because of my summer subbing) and am really ready for a break. My schedule changed this year so I am enjoying regular days and a consistent classload (day 1 is the same as day 4, day 2 as 5, day 3 as 6). Now, the classes aren’t yet spread evenly, but I’m glad that I don’t see classes A, B, and C on Day 1, only to see Class B, C, and F on Day 4. 🙂

I’ve picked up reading intervention groups. We’ll see how it goes. Ha, it might persuade me to get an endorsement so I can pick up extra contract for teaching reading, but then I remember that reading teachers have the pressure of standardized test scores looming all the time and I remember that singing songs and loving on kids in the music context is way more fun. I have been feeling a bit depressed about the amount of not-singing packed into music classes lately…we’ve got certain standards and benchmarks to reach with students, but with the shorter class periods we don’t get as much in, and some of the non-singing ones just take longer (i.e. the history behind the national anthem, which is fascinating and NOT from the Revolutionary War!! It’s the War of 1812, end of cheeky correcting.).

I’m going to sit and think about some more fun to replace the less musical units (not to say there isn’t musical activity involved with something like the national anthem…but the history and such takes so much time for me to convey).

Salt Company at Simpson started last week and I’m thrilled to be involved because we’ve got to depend on God for it to thrive. I’m a resourceful person, but my best ideas pale in comparison to His. Anxious to see what becomes of it all.

Into bed I must collapse. ‘Night!