the rundown

I’m going to bed early. In ten minutes. I’m going to write a quick post.

Year #3 is well underway–I’ve been back at it for 10 weeks now (4 at the Year Round, 1 on PD, 5 in my school). I don’t think I am experiencing the euphoria that was year #2. I need me a Kodaly Level II fix to get all inspired again. Actually, going to all these extra meetings and a workshop with John Feierabend this weekend make my head spin with the possible philosophies I could adopt in the meantime of developing my own. Dang.

I am loving my schedule this year. It’s early-to-early so I have the option of leaving before school is over instead of sticking it out to the bitter end and “coming late” (which was a struggle most mornings). I won’t pretend there haven’t been mornings that I wished I was on a late-to-late schedule this fall as I am more tired than I remember being the past two years, but I wonder if my increasing age and activity (woohoo community!) is a factor. More coffee seems to be the best motivator. Actually, more coffee is just plain smart.

I am in need of physical activity. I started 1 time per week zumba again. It’s really silly to do a class for one day a week (how can I expect to see any lasting change at that rate), but they don’t offer it more than that and I don’t feel like branching out. So the monthly membership is not justified. I should run again. Hard to get started knowing how much ground I’ve probably lost.

My knitting ventures are prepping for Christmas. I have hats on my mind, but so far the two I’ve started are not real high scorers for interest or aesthetics. I need a good, not vanilla, but not psycho lace pattern.

If I had a million dollars, besides charitable giving I would probably…that’s a dumb prompt. Tonight I can’t think of one.

I fail to cook oatmeal in the microwave according to their directions. It boils over every 10 seconds. SO annoying first thing in the morning. Must have a powerful microwave (augh augh augh, Tim Taylor style).

I have some management ideas for my classroom that seem to be working.


I have 4 quilts and 2 fleece blankets on my bed. Bring on fall weather. And winter, for that matter :).

TIme’s up! Good night!

1 thought on “the rundown

  1. heartsrejoice

    Clearly, you’ve forgotten the joy that is stove-top oatmeal (takes only a little longer than the microwave version and is infinitely better).

    Also, not running because you’ve lost ground is silly. Just sayin’ because I love ya.

    Finally, more coffee is the best decision you can make. In fact, I think I’ll have another cup now…


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