extreme days

I recently read the book Seven by Jen Hatmaker (it probably has a subtitle so as not to be confused with the violent movie with the same name…I don’t want to bother looking it up). This book is coming into conversation with people in different circles. My sister started it for me…she read it with her small group and did some discussion and experimenting of her own (it has to do with examining excess in our lives and trying to cut it out). I didn’t receive it warmly at first (sorry, K!) because I mistook the idea to be a bad one. Instead the book is a conversational journal of the month-long experiments the author conducted…the churchy word is fasting, but you could probably call it both or either.

Upon having girls over to my apartment this weekend I discovered an abundance of yarn I had hidden away in storage containers in a closet. It’s yarn that I don’t like (hence hidden to the depths of an all-purpose tote) and the half projects attached to some of the balls are pretty useless to me now (oh, acrylic yarn…oh, why oh why?). But that is not reason enough to swallow it. I have got to do something about it.

So I’m going to contemplate a plan. I’m putting it out “here” to mark the date for myself (and occasionally I re-read my archives, so perhaps this will spur my future self to week out the ol’ yarn collection again). Don’t get me wrong, yarn isn’t the only area of retention I need to deal with, but it’s a start. A pretty big start.

That is all. Have a pleasant week!

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