Monthly Archives: November 2012


I hate spiders. Intellectually I can reason that they are incredible…making webs, sticking to the wall, you name it. There are some pretty remarkable features. But beyond that acknowledgement, I hate them. It’s not rational…they are part of God’s creation and they serve some great purposes in this world, not to mention they don’t really threaten my well-being (at least the varieties common to where I live…anxiety aside, of course), but fear is irrational. Maybe instead of hating spiders I just fear them intensely. Or they make me queasy.

Regardless, this emotional resistance to arachnids heightened in my teaching career’s beginning because so many huge spiders were found to be residing in my music room. Traps (yes, traps) and weather stripping replaced don’t quite eliminate them, for whatever reason, and I’ve armed myself with three flyswatters and a gaggle of brave fifth graders to protect me. Actually, the fifth graders are volunteers who find my fear to be rather funny.

All this to preface my experience with reading groups. I teach a 2nd grade reading group in the mornings and started a new unit. 8 excruciating days about spiders followed by 8 about bats.

One of the kids caught on that I skipped the questions on the page with the labeled and blown up photograph of a spider and all its body parts. I mumbled something about running out of time and how he needed to raise his hand and be called on to talk (blurting out is a problemo in that group)…but I didn’t go back. I was at my limit of cephalothoraxes and abdomens.

But I did learn something about spiders today (much to my dismay). Their legs come out of their heads, rather their cephalothorax. That’s the part (1 of 2 parts total) of their body that isn’t their abdomen, which contains the head. Not to mention the vocabulary word. When in my 25+ years of life have I ever had to pronounce, let alone use that word in a sentence. I wonder if I could use it in a sentence NOT about spiders? 🙂

I better cephalothorax out to make dinner. Nah. Just kidding…that doesn’t work. 🙂

peace to you!