Year in Review

While being home with my family for Christmas break, we’ve had the radio on a lot. Perhaps more than the TV, and the topic of the talkers has been the year in review and the resolutions to come. I am a big fan of this time of year, just as sucked into the motivation for re-organization and commitment to fitness and general improvement as the next person.

Last year I had a few resolutions, but the only one I really stuck through was the reading goal of 12 or more books. I set some parameters…I reached the goal pretty early on and decided that it better be books I hadn’t read before (which would probably be a given, but I love to re-read some of my favorites). I also gravitated more toward non-fiction works than usual. Maybe that’s part of growing up (I remember my mom talking about her preference for non-fiction and wondering how that could be possible). Or it’s a possibility that the fiction written for women my age is either “Christian” (highly romanticized stories of impossible matchmaking blessed by God or weepy stories) or too much more on the secular side to entice me. I’m not above either genre, and acknowledge there is room in between the two extremes, but I found so much enjoyment in a few biographies and true stories that I didn’t really miss fiction.

I think I mentioned the books I enjoyed most as I read them, but as I reflect on the year, I think the Dietrich Bonhoeffer biography by Eric Metaxas was the top read. There was a slow chapter in there (or two?), but I learned so much more about World War II than I had ever learned in school, while learning about the life of a prominent theologian. My sister and I bought the book for our dad for Christmas, so I’ll perhaps read it again.

I received Timothy Keller’s The Meaning of Marriage for Christmas and finished it this morning. For whatever my review is worth, I appreciated the Biblical perspective and immediate application (as well as the prologue which endorsed the book for single adults as well as married) and will probably find myself reading the book again in 2013…maybe even a couple times.

Besides the reading-of-the-year review, I knit 7 pairs of socks and am a couple days away from an 8th. There were a handful of other projects as well, which is probably an overall increase in knitting. I’m investing more in the fiber that I knit, which makes the products a little better and fun to make. Now if I could think of a good way to use up some of the less desirable stash that sits in my apartment.

I’ll be thinking about the New Year Resolutions for 2013 in the next few days/weeks (heh, months), so nothing here yet. Better return to the knitting to make 2012 an 8-pair year!

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