Daily Archives: February 10, 2013

How you doin’?

I did not intend to get away from blogging. Isn’t that what most people write when they’ve been gone? “Oh, I can’t believe how much time has passed since I wrote a blog here.” I’m not going to make any promises about writing more here, either. That seems to be a popular trend. But knowing that I tend to go back and read my blog to catch up on how God’s faithfulness has played out in recent history that I am aware of, I thought I better freshen up the most recent entry date.

Valentine’s Day is this week, and it’s one of my favorite holidays. I admit there is a lot of frivolity and superficial love celebrated, but it’s a great day for the words-of-affirmation love language people out there…both receiving and giving people. I used to think that was my favorite love type to give…and maybe it still is, but I’ve dropped the “written” I used to tack on there. My motivation to write to people is seriously hindered by the amount of time it usually takes me to do so. I struggle to put a postage stamp on anything less than a full page of writing, and summoning the energy to catch up on life in a hand-written letter is even more daunting than a quickie blog post. I have not always been this way, and I hope I don’t remain this way for long, but this season is snail-mail challenged. Perhaps I am responsible in part for the Saturday mail service being phased out. Whoops, and my apologies. Anyway, I have a bunch of games and songs at school and even have plans to share a little valentine with each one of them (a conversation heart – thanks Dr. Leigh Ann Garner for that idea!). I do hope I don’t get laughed outta town by the older kids. We’re talking 1, maybe 2 pieces of candy each. Ha.

While writing the subject line of this post I thought of an actor I can’t remember saying it in a thick New Jersey accent. Or New York. I don’t know. Maybe Rocky? Maybe something far more shallow. In any case, I am doing pretty well. Despite Valentine’s Day and its potential for jealousy and gloom (speaking as a single person), I am relishing a season of contentment in singleness (and oddly a patience with that season. Is that odd? I wish it weren’t for me). Don’t get me wrong, a girl likes to be crossed in love every now and then (Austen anyone?)…but I haven’t been pining away. And that’s notable. 

School has been really good too. I am pretty consistently reminded how short I feel I am falling of the standards I have for my teaching, but I am getting to appreciate the work that I’m putting in in the form of students begging to stay in my class longer (every now and then), parents and staff appreciating content in my room (or out of it), and the regular collaboration with other music teachers. So it kind of balances. In the spirit of improving as a teacher, I’d like to set some goals for the summer (and SOON) so that I have a little more to show for the three months than I did this year (not to say that time off is bad – it’s SO good and SO necessary!!).

Knitting has been a little slow. I think Christmas took the wind out of my sails for a little while (must combat this somehow!)…but I’ve got a blanket going that’s a joy to knit. I have plans for it, too, which is fun. Hooray!

I’m off to enjoy a very thoughtfully sent Valentine’s Day movie from a beloved sister! Not without chocolate and tea, either :).