Like a Lace Shawl

Something about knitting a lace shawl over spring break Imageclicked with me today. I woke up this morning with a similar plan for a “schedule” (though it’s break I have a little to-do list…most of which is not being done. Luckily they are small goals like reading for an hour and sending an email here and there). I was staring at my knitting and it led me to go to Ravelry for a while where I looked at other projects and sighed contented that I love knitting and the camaraderie that it spurs. All the while, not knitting. Once I ran out of other things to do (heat up my tepid coffee, blow dry my hair, etc.), I picked it up and was like, WOW, I love this! Why wasn’t I doing this all morning?

I think the same applies to fellowship with God. Or communion with Him. However you call it, I can talk about it, be excited about it with other people, read about it and describe it to other people, but once I’m in the midst of it I realize that I’ve been all wrong…the actual pursuit of God in that fellowship/communion/etc. is the enjoyable part…not just thinking about its enjoyablility (that new word’s for free!). I’ve missed the forest for the trees.

I’m not saying that talking about knitting or God or any other one of the passions of my life isn’t a big part of the enjoyment…it is, for sure, but it’s not supposed to take the place of the pursuit. I think we can do that in our Christian circles pretty easily. “Come to my church or ____ and it’ll be awesome because…” all the while forgetting that Christ and the relationship he offers to such undeserving people is the major attraction. If He isn’t the main attraction, the desire of our hearts, or the very motivation for sharing about these sidebars, we are missing it.

I have plenty more time this week for knitting and spending time with God and praying and sleeping in (which is a big gift, I tell you what!), but as I transition into the end of the school year and the beginning of a long summer (perhaps the longest yet, as my employment prospects are 2 guitar lesson students, of all things), I’ve got to keep my mind and hands aligned on the same work. Not raving about knitting or raving about the effects of quiet time on a transformed life through Jesus Christ, but actually engaging in it. 

For now I must bundle up and find my way to UofM’s campus for a delightful lunch-time rendezvous with my sister. Happy spring to you!

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