This is the end of a beautiful break. I went to the Cities to be with K and loved it. This is not remarkable, perhaps, as all my visits up there are lovely, but it was a timely reprieve from the busy semester. I did some marathon sitting (with knitting, at least, to make it productive) and had some good conversations. I came back to Iowa today to face a whirlwind of 10 more weeks on the school year calendar and the precipice of change (summer). At this moment, I have every reason to stay where I am for next year, but this time of year breathes possible change…I could move altogether, or start something new. Or a smaller combination of the same things. Not really sure.

In the forefront are a lot of the high-stress items in my school year. Grades for 3rd quarter, an honor choir, a program, a concert (that I volunteered to accompany? I am behind in practicing, oops). Finding a summer job is probably going to need to happen ,though I’m hopeful something flexible will open up. I don’t really intend to canvass the area looking for PT employment :). We’ll see, though.

I’m borrowing time in preparing for the evening’s plans, but just wanted to mark the thanksgiving for this week of sabbath and the time spent with K and with God. It was sweet refreshment to my soul, however un-busy it was :).

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