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I think I want to work in a yarn store.

The most local one just closed, so this is not a very real possibility, and I have ZERO intention of starting my own business (because I am perfectly content to let someone else make all the hard decisions and manage the business side of things), but seriously feel like knitting work needs to happen. There are some other ones I could probably drive to (about 30 minutes away still), but I seriously doubt, by the size of them, that they are hiring people. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Anyone hiring?

In the meantime, I am looking for ways and reasons to knit with other people. I think my sister borrowed a phrase that said something like, “I made my friends knitters,” instead of the possibly less-manipulative sounding “I made friends WITH knitters.” My knitting posse is slowly growing, and for that I’m thankful. There’s just something about schmoozing about the same way-too-expensive-to-justify yarn that you go ahead and splurge on anyway. Or the intricate patterns that are miserable to follow but worth the pain.

Until then, I’ll give away some of the old yarn, keep a watchful eye on which way you’re wrapping the yarn for that purl stitch, and encourage you to take a similar path in knitting maturation. First comes the garter stitch, then comes the purl, then comes the sewn hats, blankets, scarves and finally the things in the round that make knitting “hard” things worthwhile.

Speaking of things in the round, I think I have a sock calling me. And some shortbread to whip up! 🙂

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