New Summer’s resolutions…

It’s like a New Year’s resolution (nearly typed revolution. eh…) post, but condensed to a summer-long stint.

This summer I don’t have much long-term schedule things planned. I am taking a 2-week class, going on a day camp (RLBC shout out!), helping friends move, taking in some weddings…but nothing too routine or long-lasting. So I want to set some goals. They are listed below, but in no particular order. I’m not meaning to edit and refine this post, as that cuts into the pursuit of these goals more than I’d like it to :).

Yesterday I picked up a log for the library’s summer reading program for adults. Yeah, I know. Do I really need a prize as an incentive? No. Will I take one if they’re offering one? Sure! Just for signing up I got a Lindt truffle. Golden. My goal is to read for more than 20 minutes for at least 30 days this summer.

Knitting projects abound. I have enough yarn to last until Jesus comes back(with some acrylic yarn leftover to be burnt in the lake of fire), but I figure I better quantify the projects I’d like to complete. I would like to finish the 2 pairs of socks in progress already and at least 2 more by the end of the summer. This in addition to a couple gift projects and some proto-type dishcloths for a class I’m teaching at the end of the summer (yes! it’s like a job!). It sounds not very quantified there…so, uh, I hope to do a little knitting every day. And still enjoy it by the end of the summer.

Running. Yep. Doing couch to 5K again to get myself running longer sustained periods. I’d love to be able to crank out more than 3 miles by the end of the summer (then K and I can go on a meatier run together). The plan is every other day for now. And I sort of cheated when the first podcast said “don’t skip this week 1″…I’m not actually starting from the couch, so I figured skipping it would be okay. The goal is to like running. We shall see. Week 2 is not pushing me too much, so I think this was a wise move.

Organization. I anticipate moving this summer (still don’t know when or where. Trusting God and making a lot of phone calls) and I don’t really want to move some of the stuff I have. Time for some of it to go. Maybe I’ll begin by releasing some of that acrylic yarn doomed for the lake of fire (actually, I offer it to beginner knitters for FREE. Never mind I should probably be paying them a disposal fee…ha).

Add to those goals a general category of betterment. I want to memorize scripture, study the Word, brush up on music theory and history (woohoo…this probably needs more of a quantitative goal. I’ll save it for another day though), spend time with people, and get outside every single day.

It’s going to be a good one!

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