Monthly Archives: October 2013

In the past week I have thought of a few occasions to write a blog post. Those were times that my computer was not on, so I didn’t. I kind of remember the gist of what I wanted to say, but don’t want to bother with them.


It’s October, which is a perfectly lovely time of year. Today I think it might have gotten up to sixty degrees and the sun barely came out (if at all). When I got home from church and a lunch we had afterward I put in a movie, put the kettle on for tea, and knit for about five hours straight. As much as I did not enjoy the solitude when I first moved into this apartment, I find that I am doing a lot better with it now. I realize that sounds kind of bad…watch out, recluse in the making…but I’m not feeling so isolated as that first week of school. 

My time at the YMCA is going well. I really enjoy my T/Th Zumba class the most. Working out on the machines is about as thrilling as you can imagine. I think I need to have some goals so that I do more than just “stick with it.” I don’t need to lose anything, but would like to increase endurance and strength, if at all possible. It probably doesn’t help that for all of my progress on the eliptical, I read an article that basically put into question the validity of said machine. So much for feeling worked out…the treadmill is a better workout. I need to try the Body Pump class and find a spinning time that works for me (besides 8:30 on Saturday mornings. I am committed to health and exercise, but that is decidedly a coffee time of day). Or they could add some more zumba options. That’d be fine too.

Grad school is also chugging along. I admit that taking one class at a time is where it’s at. I don’t feel stressed about the time so much as I thought. Friday nights, which might have been otherwise antisocial (even lonely) are my best time to work on the week’s paper. That way Saturday can be spent more happily with the radio (Hawkeye games) and chores and Sundays left for reading, submitting the paper, and cooking for the week.

I can tell it’s fall because my taste for hot casseroles and soups is back. I hate heating up the kitchen in the summer months, but now I need to do it. Sleeping with the windows cracked last night left my apartment very cold today. I don’t think this building will be quite so generous with borrowed heat as my last apartment. I am decidedly not excited about starting to heat this place, as I will have to figure out electric heating. Do I leave all the rooms set to a low temperature during the day? Do I close off certain rooms? My ideal would be a programmable thermostat for a normal furnace. But until I graduate out of apartment life I can hardly hope for such a luxury.

What else? I’m missing the company of gal pals in my age and stage–preferably Christians, if you want to send some along. I have high quality gal pals, but they live far away, and scheduling time to be with them is great but not handy for the unplanned moments of weakness or desire for company. Most of my friends here are fairly occupied with their families, and though they are SO sweet to me (inviting me over, inquiring with sincerity about my life even though they are juggling so much), I don’t think it would be fair to expect them all to drop everything to hang out with me (and at my apartment, it’d probably have to be sans kids). I realize that’s kind of presumptive, as I haven’t ever been rejected (one advantage to never having asked, right?), but I imagine how I might feel if I had a family and a single friend.  Maybe I should just take a risk. Families require some attention to schedules and times though…which is a definite downside for big group gatherings. Those must be planned way ahead of time.

Have I mentioned how safe I play things, generally? Not a risk-taker. 

The first quarter has to be almost done. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone (and how much I am already loathing the report cards I’ll have to write). Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before we know it!

I better catch up on some dishes and change the DVD. It’s been playing the theme music for A&E’s Pride and Prejudice for a good fifteen minutes. 🙂