Monthly Archives: February 2014

Sounds abound

Time flies…I haven’t updated in a few months. This sounds like a pretty familiar blog-theme and opening line. Forgive me.


My absence from writing is probably due to my extra writing last semester. The papers required for my first graduate class were within my availability and capability, but they kind of staunched my desire to write. I have different assignments due this semester, but I don’t forsee a lot of blogging at this point.

In order to mark some progress, I think I’ve grown in knitting. Not necessarily a good way–I might even be too attached to it (justifying introvert needs as a reason to keep me home alone to knit, for example), but it means my projects are getting done. I am working on my sixth pair of socks for the year already. Granted, a few of them were started already (last year) and a couple of them are not even close to finished, but I’m pleased with the number because 2013 was rather low on sock numbers.

Have I mentioned my couch on here yet? It was delivered in November, with a chair, and I love love love them. Picking out grown up furniture is not necessarily a bad-decision-maker’s favorite activity, but since I made the decision (and with confidence! I picked it, let a few weeks go to allow it to grow in my mind and settled on it the next time I saw it), it’s a victory. Not to mention it’s long enough for a guest to sleep on (though the back cushions are a little fluffy still at this point and resist the other-than-napping sleeper). The girth of both pieces have led me to conclude I’m staying here for a while–that is, as long as I’m in my current position (not full time) which doesn’t tempt me to own a home, I will rent this apartment. I complain about this one a bit, yes, but my friends will remain friends for longer if I don’t tax them with multiple moves and the humongo couch and chair.

Spring semester is break-neck busy, and yet I find time to carve away and be at home. I guess that time makes me really crave more time at home not doing stuff…so when I have the time, I put off the work stuff and get right down to the relaxing part. I need to fix the balance, I know, but I tend to swing too far all at once and get burned out on apartment maintenance. I have some motivation to keep things clean, at least, with the introduction of three similar age and stage gals in a building near mine. They are all about getting together on the fly, and it’d be awesome to be able to have them here without, you know…4 hours of warning :).

Kids at school make me laugh. Today I introduced a Russian song (in preparation for the Olympics I’ve pulled out some of the Russian folk dancing and folksongs in my collection) to a class, complete with a map, a flag, and some discussion about the Olympics, and one student asked me right after the presentation and the dancing if it was a Mexican song. I suppose the instruments in the recording sort of sounded like they could have been in a Mexican song, but it reminded me that teacher-talking is not a great student-learning medium all the time. He was very sincere, so I was careful not to laugh…but it was mildly funny.

All the adults at school are abuzz about a possible snowstorm coming tomorrow. I had been hopeful for a snowday (come on, who wouldn’t be? not like I’d be skipping work–we make them all up), but I’m not sure the snowfall total, winds, temps or timing will help with that. We might have a rehearsal canceled in the evening tomorrow…but I have homework to do anyway, so it’s not an open invitation to knit with streaming of Downton and Sherlock.

I’m glad it’s February…Valentine’s Day in elementary schools is one of my favorite holidays, and most classes celebrate (that I know of, anyway). I remember back in the good old days where every holiday was a party day, but now they mostly do Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Bring on the cute decos, games, songs, stories, and friend-love. I will probably not struggle with SAD (singles awareness day) so long as I work in this setting. Take me out of this setting, and you’re going to have to walk me through it…


Early to bed, early to rise. It got a little late tonight, but the alarm’s still going off at the same time. Until next…time… 🙂