The Evening before Comps, round 1.

I am not a model student any more. I fully admit that. I began “studying” for comps about two weeks ago. That was not the plan. I was going to at least get a couple months in, but motivation and moving across the state directly canceled each other out. It was not a good situation.

It’s the crunch time. I’ve got about two hours left of coherent studying ability left in me tonight and just discovered that my responses to all the unit tests for the one class I’m being tested over are available on our class website for me to peruse and review. Glad to have discovered that with so much time to spare…

We have multiple opportunities to take this test, but my push to review everything has been enough to make me sick of the book and the material again. I want to be done with it (and drop kick a three-volume set of course packs). But there’s a good chance I won’t. Because I waited so long. The study guide for the test says: this may seem like a daunting task, but a thorough and careful study of all the musical examples used in the class…yeah. I stopped reading. Somewhere around daunting.

I want to finish this degree neat and tidy, but life is so full and my brain is so maxed out with full-time and classes and being a good teacher (reflective, etc.) that I am just not making good use of my time. I better step it up for next semester and this post is to bring the fear for the next round in april.

I’m going to go back to reviewing, but if you could find my neighbor (not sure which one) and have them shut off the alarm that is pulsing at about the G below 440 A, that would be great for concentration.

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