New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve not really committed any time to thinking of New Year’s resolutions because I’m not that much of a follower-through…perhaps 2 years ago I resolved to read 20 books in a year, and I did, but that’s about the extent of my successful attempts. I can’t resist the desire to become better, though. It’s all around with the new year feel. Perhaps a better housekeeper or a better pen pal, or a more “un-plugged” person (detached from electronic devices, particularly). I aspire to grow in a lot of areas, but my history with these aspirations leads me to conclude it’s not going to happen, so that’s discouraging.

Last year I made some knitting goals for 2014 and I actually met some of them:
1. Work on a long-term WIP (done!)
2. Participate in 3 KALs (Ravellenics, Ornament KAL, Self-striping…ish).
3. Knit a hitchhiker shawl. (didn’t happen)
4. Pick and plan a sweater: over-achiever planned and knit a sweater!
5. Establish local knitting community…sort of happened. then I moved.
6. Sock yarn stash busting. Really wimpy attempt.

This year I have similar aspirations of improving my knitting. I am admittedly going to add a resolution I already accomplished with a continuation (colorwork).

1. Knit down the stash.
I began a yarn-buying fast right after Thanksgiving and have fallen off the wagon a couple times (thanks to LYSs that make it so hard to leave empty handed), but the stash has grown to almost a SABLE status (something like stash acquired beyond life expectancy)…granted, if my full time job were knitting it’d be no issue because it’s all project-bound yarn, but with life the way it is, it’s going to be a while. So I think I’ll hold off all online purchases and make LYS trips very special and purposeful (which they already are since there aren’t any in my direct work-to-home-to-groceries path).

2. Knit another sweater.
I’ve got 2 sweater quantities ready to go, so that’ll be not out of the realm of possibility. I have some decisions to make about the type of sweater, but it should be ok.

3. Build up a stash of FOs for next Christmas.
We’re talking not as much last-minute knitting. It’ll still be a lot, undoubtedly, as some gifts need to be customized, but I’d love to have the freedom to give more gifts by working ahead.

4. Knit colorwork stockings.
I learned colorwork on January 3rd, so that can’t by itself be a resolution (stranded, or fair isle), but my sister and I are aspiring to actually knit family stockings for next year. And it’s here and public, so maybe I’ll be reminded periodically to actually do it.

5. Knit more.
Vague resolutions are the easiest to meet…but I want to make an effort to knit when I might otherwise cruise on the Internet or waste time. The electronic hand-held devices are kind of the problem I think. This resolution may also see some intentional efforts for knitting community establishment. I have some interested friends (in knitting, generally speaking), so it might be a good idea to organize some “regular” knitting nights, even if it’s lowkey and not well attended. We’ll see.

My other beginning of the year resolutions apart from yarny goodness include getting outside more (including taking walks when it’s bitter cold like this), participating in apartment therapy’s “January Cure” (de-cluttering, I believe), and tracking online accounts more vigilantly.  I am also hoping to muster up the energy and courage to start planting some roots in this community and getting to know people well. That comes across a little strangely in writing, but it’s sincere…I want to care more about the lives around me by virtue of knowing the people around me. And I think a lot of that will extend from re-establishing some of the discipline that’s waned in the last six weeks or so with a busy schedule and illness and holidays in regard to quiet time (reading the Bible, journalling, praying, memorizing, etc.), so that’d be an area to hit as well.

For today I’ve got some things to prepare for the next week (possibly my first full week of straight up teaching since early November? I can’t even remember my last 5-day week…) and the evening. Also I need (yes, NEED) to figure out a way to get the TV antenna to pick up PBS for Downton Abbey in just a few short hours. It’s not going to be easy, as my last three apartments have been been the TV-reception equivalent to the Bermuda Triangle (as in nothing comes in), but I’ve got to make it work. 🙂

Happy Sunday, and Happy New Year!

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