Spring cleaning

I’ve got the restless bug. Recently I acquired a reason to clean out the spare bedroom so I took a whole bunch of things set aside for goodwill to goodwill. And that felt especially great because it wasn’t the usual stuff-I-haven’t-used-in-a-while pile, but some things that I’d been weirdly attached to that were serving no purpose. Like a stack of plastic cups from various events…I still have a few more in my cupboard for the rare visiting child’s koolaid (or myself…not beneath me to drink out of a plastic cup), but I had the whole dorm room collection shoved in my cupboard. And some clothes that probably would still fit, but I was just done with them. My thought in January, when the pile was made for the January Cure (via apartment therapy’s blog), was that those items set aside weren’t really all that great.

I also had to move some boxes to the garage, which has been a task I’ve put off since about October or November when I first tackled the second bedroom. Granted, I hope to move again before too long, but seeing collapsed boxes doesn’t really motivate me to move any faster. And since I was in the garage and it was a nice day I repotted some plants that have long since overgrown their containers. I probably did that wrong, so I’m hoping they are hearty enough to withstand some poor planting skills.

The knitting progress has been pretty widely spread over many wips. I really should whittle them down, but I’ve had a lot of stress with two spring programs, a comprehensive exam, a class with lots of homework all of a sudden, and some other stuff. Which has led to a few really listless nights of not knitting at all, not studying much, and not feeling very good about the progress. My brain is pretty tired these days, so I don’t feel up to much.

I’ve discovered a small like for running this spring. Break provided an opportunity to go a little further than I would normally push myself because I was with my sister. Since then I’ve had a couple really good runs, including an all time high of 5 miles (with a little walking in the middle, I’ll admit). I know I’m prone to injury if I go too far too soon, but what amazes me is that my will to carry on increases dramatically after about the 2 mile mark. Up until that point I want to quit every step between 1 mile and 2 (rough estimation, I’m not 100% where the miles fall in my course yet). Of course, the cooler temperatures probably have a lot to do with my motivation to carry on…I hate running when I’m hot. Maybe I’ll have to start carrying some water with me when it warms up.

Speaking of programs, they went fairly well. On the one hand it was really nice to put both of them off to about the same time because it gave me a couple months of program mindset. On the other hand, I get a little stressed for every program, so it rather compiled this time. I had a jazz program for the older students and a wild west program for the younger students, the replicate of my 2012-2013 school year (year #3 for me) in my first school. It was nice to do something I’d already done because we didn’t yet have a sound system or instruments or much in the way of materials. I’ll hopefully do some good thinking this summer and plan for some new programs (including speaking parts – someone hold me to this…no more last minute speaking parts!). But those missing things have finally been ordered and delivered, and after Monday (when my colleagues and I bust into the packing materials and assemble instruments) they will all be in glorious use!!

The agenda for the rest of tonight is not cleaning or reorganizing furniture and food/bathroom shelves, but knitting and music history listening. I have to resist listening to Porgy and Bess, Brahms, and Schumann the whole night. They won’t be the only examples on the test if they are chosen, and the test writer never called to ask what my listening preference might be :).

Good night!

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