Monthly Archives: June 2015

Roll on

I’ve had a lot of opportunity to think about why I’m a teacher this summer. One of the classes I’m taking (for the month of June) is mostly responsible for that introspection, and the other part is the realization that this entire change of pace is completely amazing. I’m an introvert who recharges best alone, and I’ve had great opportunity to do that, as well as go out and enjoy life during business hours. What a treat it is to go rollerblading at 2:00 in the afternoon (like I did yesterday) and not have any traffic at the roadway crossings, nor early morning runners and bikers to contend with. My company on bikes were the lucky few who are retired and can bike at any time or the few whose schedules resemble mine in the summer.

I’m not cut out to live the unemployed life forever, of course, and I’ve already begun looking forward to school starting again and setting up my classroom with everything¬†already ordered and in storage! What a difference from last summer when I emptied one classroom, packed myself up and moved, and found myself in a new, empty classroom with nothing in it except what I brought from my own belongings. This year I can ponder where I want instruments to be staged, where my desk should be, and the piano, how I want the cupboards and (hopefully soon) shelves to be organized. I can’t wait!

But I will because I’m enjoying this season, too. Monday is the beginning of a new term with extra work in it. I’ll be glad to be finished with the classes, don’t get me wrong, but I’m kind of dreading the work of one of those classes especially. It goes with the territory…it’s music theory. I’m good at music theory in a “I used to be good at music theory” sort of way, which is to say I recall being good at it more than I recall the skills and knowledge about it. But I’m teachable…right?

For now I’ll head out to enjoy what looks like a hazy evening with a friend. I’m so glad for the peace this summer has compared to last! God is good!