Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Night Before, again.

I have my last comprehensive exam tomorrow. I suppose it’s possible that I’d have to take it again, if I didn’t pass, but I’ve felt good enough reviewing for it that I took the entire night to knit. Of course, I took the day yesterday and the afternoon today to study (with some other bits tucked into last weekend and even this morning). The subject is theory (late romantic and post-tonal music) and though it can take time and I can make mistakes, the classwork was generically more the product of work and time spent than conceptual knowledge to be grasped. The work-based knowledge is easier for me to retain than the concepts, for whatever reason. The professor was also a pretty generous grader, so work exerted is at least considered for points, and that makes me feel pretty confident. I might not ace the test, but I’ve got a few other plates in the air lately, so it’s not a big deal as long as I pass.

Are these words coming from me? This is a former perfectionist who used to call home and cry if a test didn’t go well and then end up getting a ridiculously good score. I don’t think I’m as dramatic now, but the nerves before a test definitely kick in. I’ll be glad to have it over with!

The next hurdles to clear will be my poster for a session next week, the research project paper’s editing…and that might be it. I finished report cards today (I might go back through them just to be sure), and my program was earlier this week. I have conferences this coming week, which are traditionally pretty quiet, so I may be able to get ahead in planning if I can keep my nose to the grindstone. Next week begins a series of traveling weekends (technically tomorrow if you count the day trip for the test), so I’m going to have to be strategic about laundry, grocery trips, and knitting projects. I believe I only have 2 or 3 full weeks of teaching between now and Christmas (the other weeks are partial for various reasons including holidays and professional learning), which is scary. I don’t think I’ll start recorders like I’d hoped…but maybe I can pull it out with the fourth graders.

When it all comes down to it, though, details about comprehensive exams or lesson plans and knitting projects are pretty insignificant. The news tonight included a series of attacks in Paris that are sounding pretty awful by the reports and updates. I’m reminded again of the fragility of human life and the preciousness of faith in God and the love of those we hold dearest. There are so many things to be grateful for in this life, and so many things to be saddened by in this world. I’m confident in God’s sovereignty, though, and know that He is not surprised but at work.

That’s all. I should head to bed.