Knitting goals and sundry

It’s past my bedtime, but I’m quite awake, so I thought I would go ahead and write a quick post that I’ve been meaning to write. Since last I wrote I have finished grad school, including the comps I wrote about and the very full November of presentations and preparation. Life on the other side of coursework has proven to feel much lighter and brighter than it was before. I’ll take it in the dreary winter time when pessimism usually is quick to loom.

I’ve set a couple knitting goals for 2016, and they are definitely informal, but worth recording for the sake of the next year(s) that I’m checking my progress. The first, working down the WIPs. I have a number of projects on the needles at all times, which isn’t really the issue that bothers me. I’m bothered that there are projects that have been incomplete for months (or years) that are unlikely to become finished without attention. So far the WIP-it-down effort has resulted in a finished hat, a nearly finished blanket (the icord I’m applying to the border is not very fun to knit, but it’s a lot closer to being done than it was before), and a few socks. Ok, a couple socks. But they still count. I’m longing to cast on some new things, and am ready to, but am trying to show a little self-control.

Another knitting goal is to stop adding to stash. I have a sufficient amount of beautiful indie dyed sock yarn to knit nothing but socks for 2 or more years (which is to say a lot). That doesn’t get into the lace weight and worsted and minis I have around, either.

I am also hoping to finish two quilt as you go quilts this year. The first one is coming along; it’s a throw-quilt made with fabric from my grandma (from the year she got married, 1950 or so) and some fabric she’d gotten from her mother-in-law. Which is to say, some pretty cool retro fabrics. Some of them are remnants, and I haven’t been able to use the sheet she’d set aside for a backing at all (big brown stains from the box or moisture in the box they were stored in), but it might be ok after washing. I am thinking I might piece a few squares of that into the plain white backing and use more of it for a second quilt with more of the fabric from Grandma another time. We’ll see. My second quilt is probably going to be made from fat quarters I’d ordered from etsy this past spring.

Besides knitting and quilting, I am considering housing options again. That will pick up more when it isn’t January, I think. I know that purchasing a house doesn’t move so quickly that I would move in the dead of winter, but I’m not so motivated to look through houses when it’s cold and/or icy outside.

I may take up spinning, as K’s spinning is so lovely, but I’m a little worried I won’t take to it like she has. I already know it’s harder for me than it was for her, so there’s that. I might have some opportunity to sit down with her (let’s hope).

I think that’s all I have for now. It’s late, after all. Happy knitting!

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