Monthly Archives: May 2016

All the critters, all the love.

Life has changed since the last post. I haven’t gone back to pinpoint where I was when I wrote the last one, but I’m pretty sure it’s been more than a month, so it’s safe to say life has changed. I moved into a home, and it’s lovely. I had been looking for a long time (11 months with a little time off from September to February) and found the right home in the right neighborhood for just about the right price (there’s always some finagling with price, but I was happy enough with the ending).

One of the best features of my home is the yard. I am a novice to the yard care side of home ownership, and a tad bit on the relaxed end of taking care of some of the issues (i.e. googling when and how to prune things, where to plant perennials, etc. before jumping in), but it’s been a joy.

I have seen a lot of wildlife so far, as well. There have been three frog sightings, and happily, I can report that tickling a frog with grass does make it jump, which should mean a great deal to my students who ask me if it’s true in a song that I sing with them. Yes, dear students. Totally true. Unfortunately they aren’t as tenacious to resist the tickling as the game I play with the song would suggest. That isn’t really important, and I heartily emphasize that my joy is having animals at all!

Other animals have included a bunch of song birds, a nest of baby bunnies discovered while mowing (no one harmed, thankfully, and mama returned to the nest later), two lazy bunnies in the backyard dubbed Rip [vanWinkle] and Lavinia, and this morning a female turkey that crossed the road in front of my house to a neighbor’s yard. My previous experience with wild turkeys at my sister’s old house in Minnesota make me a little less excited about having those for neighbors, but if they steer clear (and can’t find anything to eat from the humans), I’m ok watching out for them.

I have been grateful to NOT see much in the way of bugs or spiders in my house, except for some sugar ants that occasionally trek across the kitchen counter or crawl along the inside of my dishwasher door. Moving into a house at the tail end of spring could reveal a lot of bugs making their home indoors, but that’s not the case. Thankful for that!

The home making piece is coming along. I wasn’t able to paint before moving in, and the basement is mid-reconstruction (water issue, thankfully not my financial responsibility), so it’s a work in progress. I think I’d like to start the main floor painting soon after school is out (June 3). I should probably find a color I like, first. If the color I ordered for the basement is suitable, I might just stick with it for the rest of the house too (perhaps in a glossier finish for the bathroom and kitchen, but we’ll see). I am also looking forward to adding some sewn and knitted items to the home (beyond what I already have made), but I may have a little extra ambition than what time will allow. We shall see.

It’s been a perfect, quiet Sunday afternoon, and as I fade into evening and prepare for the last full week of school in the school year, I’ll close with a few pictures.