The Happy Housekeeper

Summer break is 3 days underway, and today was the most productive yet. I began with some facetime with K (three cheers, it worked!) and some coffee. After that I moved on to some cleaning projects that have been due for a while. The first was the storm door, which fortunately shuts very well now that my uncle straightened out the rod that works with the closer. Unfortunately, the hydraulics are kaput, so the door has to be caught to prevent it from slamming. Sweaty arm prints after runs this week have made it grubby. The other projects were cleaning up the kitchen sink/counters, and then doing all the wood floors. Tantalizing blog material, right? Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that the floors in their entirety require sweeping, swiffer dusting, and mopping with a special wood floor cleaner. Dedication, right there.

After that I made a plan for some errands and set to them, even stopping for a few non-essential items that I didn’t end up buying. A couple of those stops were for home decor items (Home Goods and Hobby Lobby). The trouble is a decision-making paralysis that hits about the second that I walk into the store…I know that I need a couple kitchen rugs or would like to find a decorative wall item, but I get there and I can’t think. My color palettes haven’t really been decided either. That would probably help. At this stage I’d probably end up with a rainbow in every room because I like them all. Except brown. No thanks, brown.

No day of errands would be complete without a stop at Menards. My newfound love for Menards is ironic because it was the least favorite stop of all my childhood errand-running days. Of course, the store has come a ways since my childhood, now offering everything from groceries to bathroom towels, and your standard home improvement fare, but it is pretty great and I have to remember to not buy everything. The rebates they offer on particular items are also pretty tantalizing. The first rebate check came back today…after my trip to Menards, of course.

When I got home, I chose yard work over a run, which I might still fit in tonight. I still love to mow my yard, and I found today’s diagonal stripes to be possibly the most efficient pattern in my yard. I’d done diagonal stripes perpendicular to today’s once before and had a lot of shorter strips to do (and the way they lined up with the trees in the backyard was annoying). I’ll have to remember this pattern for weeks when I’m in a hurry to mow. I finished yard work with some pruning. I have some privacy hedges that are doing well on top, but the underneath portion is full of dead branches and sticks. My uncle assured me I could clear those out without hurting the bushes. I quit a little early because the mosquitoes were thick and my yardy (waste receptacle) was full. I’ll have to keep at it next week and the week after.

Last on my list is waiting for the electrician to FINISH his work in the basement (!) and to enjoy the evening. The fridge repair folks are supposed to come tomorrow and diagnose my fridge (hopefully replacing it, but repairing it wouldn’t be terrible either–it’s been a couple works since it stopped working properly, so I’m hungry for some fresh foods). And then…carpet. On Friday. Can’t wait. After carpet is installed in the basement, I think all that is needed are a couple doors to be hung and some trash to be removed and I’ll be able to move stuff down there and enjoy it. I don’t actually have much to put down there (besides storage), but I’ll have the option!

Off to knit and enjoy the sunporch, which should no longer be subject to leaking in rainstorms (yesterday’s repair crew took care of it). I won’t leave anything precious out there until it rains hard and I can trust the fixes are secure, but what a great delight!

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