a place for everything

I’m the type of person who has clutter. I’ve lived with clutter for a long time. Part of it is sentimental, I’m sure, as I attach meaning to items which make them hard to let go of (this is something that has gotten better over time, but I’m behind in making some decisions from a bunch of years of not doing so). I also attribute some of the clutter I’ve been dragging around from home to home to the lack of space available to put it away. That is a glaring reason to get rid of stuff, I know, but it’s overwhelming to sort through it all with limited space to begin with.

Space is not my issue any more, and I’m noticing a pattern of improvement. Keeping a passably clean house isn’t as hard when there’s a place for everything. There are still some problem areas (for example, the office/sewing room…I have a bunch of papers that need to be filed, but haven’t gotten to the filing system yet…I may need to get a…filing cabinet), but they aren’t out of control problems at this point, and I intend to address them as I address some of the other aesthetic features of this home (now that the initial to-fix items are crossed off the list). It’s energizing to realize that a pick-up is quick and that people can come over at a moment’s notice and be fine.

I should probably double check some lists for the day. I’ve got a few busy days coming up!


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