Daily Archives: April 29, 2012

baked potato soup

For the first time this morning I saw a couple of my students at New Heights Church (which is sporting a new looking website: http://www.newheightschurch.org). It was bound to happen, and is bound to happen more and more as time goes on (and as I meet more kids by subbing at another school this summer)…but OH! The implications for me as their teacher. In the ways they have watched my example as a teacher in fairness and fun and expectations, they will be watching me as a believer. Am I the person I claim Christ to have made?

This is not a new thing, I understand. Every day the people that I work with or come to know through commerce or neighborly conversation are potential watchers of my life–but these young people reminded me that my life is not merely my own. It is God’s to be used for His Glory. My choices have bigger ramifications…eternity is in the daily mix.

Today I was not at church early, and it was luxurious to “sleep in” and linger over breakfast, but I had a little trouble deciding what to do. My afternoon will be short because of a friend’s pilgrimage to Indianola (she’s moving to my old apartment, the one with the ginormous closet), so I could have used that time wisely and productively. But instead I kind of enjoyed it like one might enjoy staying in bed after they are awake…just comfortable.

And now for some of that productivity–soup for the next couple days’ meals and some gift-knitting. I love to gift-knit, but I tend to get a little rushed about it. Hoping to make the deadline.

Can I just add, for the record, that the number of parties happening the weekend before school gets out is incredible? It’s graduation weekend, too, but there are plenny o’ parties of every sort. I’ll be a butterfly that weekend, no doubt.

Peace to you!